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Always Was, Always Will Be

Release date: 3 September 2024
Paperback, 176 pages
ISBN: 9781741179279
Publisher: Hardie Grant Explore

I’m pleased to announce that I’ve finished writing my new book,
‘Always was, Always Will be: The campaign for justice and recognition continues’.
Since the failed October 2023 Voice to Parliament referendum, supporters and volunteers have been asking for guidance on how to proceed. As one of the leaders of the Yes 23 campaign and co-author of the bestselling Voice to Parliament Handbook (recently voted '2024 Book of the Year'!), I have now penned a new book to help answer that question.
The book starts with the ingredients for hope and covers the lessons from the past. This book then maps the path toward the next steps on how to create a fairer Australia.

For the many thousands of people who have been feeling sad, empty and powerless since last October, 'Always Was, Always Will Be' aims to be a positive rallying cry. It's essential reading for those of you who want to keep the positive momentum going to get more allies step up to help close the gap.

My book is about creating the future we want to see – one where there is justice for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People.

~Thomas Mayo

You can pre-order Always Was, Always Will Be today.
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